DEVA with two Best of Show Awards from Radio World

DEVA returns triumphant from this year’s unprecedentedly well-attended IBC expo. DEVA team was generously treated to a rapturous reception by fellow professionals and attendees and enjoyed ever-growing attention for the entire duration of the exhibition. Once again DEVA demonstrated their unwavering determination to bring to the attention of the audience state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment which offers functionality, efficiency and top level performance, coupled with cost effectiveness and a user-friendly design.
DEVA have unveiled new technology which has not been left unnoticed by the connoisseurs: the stand-out debuting performers of this year’s event were DEVA brand-new DB3010 FM Radio & IP Audio Confidence Monitoring Receiver and DB910 Full Duplex Compact IP Audio Codec. The two units impressed the jury consisting of industry experts and received the prestigious NewBay Media Best of Show Award from Radio World. They are proud and honored to have been presented with these awards which recognize DEVA’s outstanding contribution to the field of broadcasting equipment and prove that in a highly competitive market, their constant effort to improve pays off. Their award-winners are based on what underlies all of our equipment and what has come to be associated with the name of DEVA Broadcast – simplicity of design, top performance and cutting-edge technology.
Their team of experienced engineers and sales reps received numerous inquiries and demands of those present at the event and provided information on our product lines which exemplify the innovative and professional approach that has become our trademark. This year DEVA are delighted to report record-breaking numbers of attendees and their radio gear received much of the spotlight due to a multitude of impressive features. DEVA would like to express its gratitude to everyone who stopped by the booth and gave them the opportunity to showcase their equipment.