For 2016* only, we at Digigram have decided to make contribution over IP even easier - for every purchase of IQOYA *CALL or IQOYA *CALL/LE IP audio codecs we will provide one IQOYA *MOBILE app and one Q-Mic preamp free of charge!
Compatible with iOS and Android, the IQOYA *MOBILE App enables field reporters to turn their mobile phone into a mobile studio. With the help of Q-Mic preamp, the IQOYA *MOBILE App allows the reporter to broadcast his interview live via IP to the studio. He can also record his material a few seconds before going live via AAC, MPEG-2 or G722, edit it and send it to the studio via IP or FTP.

The live stream is then collected by our IQOYA contribution codec IQOYA *CALL or IQOYA *CALL/LE. Based on our FluidIP
TM technology which guarantees robust security, minimum latency, inter-operability and unprecedented audio quality, our high-performance codec transcodes the live stream and sends it in duplex to the studio console for immediate live broadcast and program feedback.
* A 2016-only promotion