Singapore - Two FM frequencies by MDA

The FM 89.3 spectrum is vacant while FM 96.3, currently occupied by Expat Radio 96.3 XFM, will be vacated by September 2016 upon expiry of its operating licence.

To attract the widest range of proposals possible and inject greater vibrancy into the local radio scene (please see Annex A for list of existing radio stations), MDA welcomes new concepts and will not limit proposals to any particular genre or programming format.

All proposals will be evaluated based on the strength of programming characteristics and quality, as well as the financial standing of the tenderers and their business plans. In addition, those looking to operate commercial radio stations on the two frequencies will be required to submit a monetary bid. Tenderers submitting not-for-profit proposals will not need to do so but they will instead be evaluated on the social impact of their programming concepts. The tender opens today and it will close on 14 September 2016. Results will be announced by the first quarter of 2017.


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