Stirlitz Media Logger 5

NEW: Stirlitz Media Logger 5
The fastest after-broadcast logging software with HTML5 video playback and HLS capture.
TV and radio broadcasters worldwide rely on Stirlitz Media software to record their own and competing channels and make the recordings available throughout their organization in the most user-friendly Player you have ever seen. Stirlitz Media Logger (SML) records up to 50 TV or radio stations together with subtitles and metadata on a single generic server. SML is software-only and native IP.

The 5th generation SML is ready for plugin-free browsers and Internet TV.
New in SML5:
•HTML5 video playback in desktop SML webPlayer using MSE, compatible with latest browsers. No additional plugins needed.
•HTML5 video playback in mobile SML webPlayer using HLS, compatible with latest iOS and Android.
•HLS capture, allowing direct capture of HTTP Live Streaming video-streams.
•Multi-quality proxy, record the same feed automatically in multiple audio/video qualities.
•Performance and compatibility improvements, including Windows 10 compatibility.

The SML Player - instant access to your whole archive 


HTML5 MSE video playback in desktop SML webPlayer - Flash, Silverlight and other browser plugins are the source of the biggest safety threats to web browsers and their users, and are being removed from modern browsers for security reasons. Stirlitz Media software is leading the trend by implementing HTML5 Media Source Extensions (MSE) to play-out video in the SML webPlayer. HTML5 MSE is the new standard for video play-out in modern desktop web browsers and is implemented in latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE. It is fast, compatible and secure. 

HTML5 HLS video playback in mobile SML webPlayer - For SML webPlayer launched on mobile devices, video is played through HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). HLS is standard on iOS and Android platforms.

HLS capture in SML server - Another new feature is the support for direct capture from HTTP Live Streaming. HLS was introduced on iOS devices, and is now one of the standards for live video delivery to mobile devices. With SML5 Stirlitz Media introduces a solution to capture HLS stream in original quality - capturing the same video and audio as broadcast. It gives broadcasters an additional way to monitor and verify their own Internet broadcast or capture 3rd party streams.

Multi-quality proxy recording - Thanks to the proxy recording in lower qualities, all recorded logs are easily available in SML Players and webPlayers on any platform, on devices in and outside the office. Each station can be recorded in multiple audio and video qualities.

Performance & compatibility - CPU requirements have come down thanks to software optimizations. We also officially support SML Player and webPlayer running on Windows 10.