Telos VX Prime - Telephone Talkshow system


Because the VX Prime has eight hybrids, it’s ideal for use in facilities with two to four studios. Of course, if stations want to limit themselves to a single hybrid per studio, you can increase the number of studios the VX Prime can serve. Remember, however, that the VX Prime cannot be upgraded or expanded later, so your clients will want to leave a bit of headroom in their planning. You'll see Telos Systems targeting the two- to four-studio market as two hybrids per studio has long been the sweet spot for the majority of our clients. Please encourage larger facilities to keep their eyes on the full Telos VX system.



The Opportunity

VX Prime presents several great opportunities, including: 

1) New studios. For the broadcaster looking to build a small- to medium-size facility who doesn't have a phone system yet, VX Prime is the ideal solution. These broadcasters should start with a brand-new IP phone system that is capable of HD Voice, which brings the clarity of high-definition voice calls on-air and is great for mobile calls. VX Prime is capable of HD Voice via native support for G.722. Add to that the fact that VX Prime will ultimately pay for itself due to the money the broadcaster will save on traditional phone lines, and it's a no-brainer. 

2) Small to medium facilities that have older POTS and ISDN phone systems. This includes those using phones from other manufacturers, as well as those using older Telos systems. For example, Telos Nx12 12-line and Nx6 6-line phone systems have been discontinued, as you know, and we are now officially out of stock. The VX Prime is a great replacement for customers who need to outfit two to four studios and are contacting you for these ISDN systems. You can also reach out to your old TWOx12 customers—there may be an opportunity there to upgrade them to newer technology! Again, VX Prime will pay for itself in the long run thanks to eliminating the cost of traditional phone lines.

3) Small studios that have IP phones with subpar sound and functionality. Oops! Your customer bought an early IP phone system from a competitor and it doesn't sound or work as they'd hoped. It's time to upgrade to Telos. The pitch here is easy: You want to upgrade to a Telos IP phone system because it will sound so much better, with clearer calls and a better experience for the listener. Check out "The Benefits of VX Prime" below for additional selling points. 

4) Broadcasters looking to add a single studio talkshow system. Customers buying studio phone systems traditionally have bought one system for one studio at a time. So if you are talking with a station about replacing or adding a single-studio talkshow system, you should bring up the idea of a multi-studio system as a replacement for their entire facility. The customer may not think of this and may even push back as this is a completely new idea to most. Upgrading the entire facility all at once instead of piecemeal allows these stations to update to the most current IP technology in one fell swoop, giving all their studios the same top sound quality and improved functionality, while saving money on ISDN and POTs phone lines facility-wide.

For those customers who are in their comfort zone with POTS and ISDN, the video "Bringing Phone Lines Into Telos VX"  is a great resource on different ways you can bring existing phone lines into to a VX IP phone system. 



The Benefits of VX Prime

Cost-Efficient Way to Upgrade to IP

  • Lower cost alternative to full VX Broadcast System

  • Broadcasters save money every month on expensive ISDN/POTS lines

  • Ideal for smaller facilities (2-4 studios) with smaller budgets

Immaculate Audio Quality

  • Native support of G.722 'HD Voice' codec

  • Smart AGC ensures consistent caller audio levels

  • Digital Dynamic EQ (DDEQ) by Omnia adjusts EQ automatically to ensure call-to-call consistency and the best intelligibility

Simple Setup

  • Connects to your existing Livewire network with a single Ethernet cable

  • Non-Livewire studios can use Telos Multipurpose Node for audio and GPIO connectivity to studio consoles

  • Provides phone hybrids for each of your studios without need for any additional wiring or physical audio connections

Flexible Use

  • No restriction to the number of SIP lines or phone numbers that can come into the system

  • Eight fixed hybrid/faders (not expandable)

Unparalleled Support

  • Industry-leading 24/7 support

  • Telos standard 5-Year warranty

  • Free Xscreen Lite call-screening software from Broadcast Bionics