Axia Audio Console introduction

AXIA, Fast , Easy and Risk free IP Audio.

Tannoy Reveal - Active Studio Monitors

Tannoy has an amazing legacy in the studio monitoring world. The new range of Reveal Studio Monitors adds to this and are a direct result of Tannoy's decades of experience in loudspeaker design, which acts as the foundation for creating these three new Reveal models.

This completely new line of active studio monitors is expertly voiced to bring a massive sweet spot to personal studios everywhere. Now musicians can move around their workspace and share their mix with others -- while maintaining a precision listening experience. The new range consists of an ultra-compact 4-inch, a versatile 5-inch and an extremely powerful 8-inch model all of which offer several input options including Tannoy's AUX Link using the included 15' (5m) mini jack cable.

GBS Alliance Indonesia - Axia installation

PT GBS Alliance proud installation in Indonesia RRI. It is just one of the many Axia livewire solutions that we have installed. This is a handheld recording run-through when the radio is already LIVE! 

RVR 10kW FM Transmitter - Green Line

RVR Elettronica introduced their new Green Line of FM transmitters and RF amplifiers. Designed to increase the overall AC efficiency to 70%+!

Nautel VS Series Low power FM transmitter introduction


Direct of Sales, Chuck Kelly is joined by LP/VS Series Specialist Christy White for an overview of the latest features and developments in Nautel's VS Series of low power FM transmitters.
Learn more about LPFM VS Transmitters from GBS Alliance. Contact us now!

Telos VX Talkshow Phone system introduction

Voice over IP - VoIP - and its connection standard - SIP - are great technologies for getting phone callers on-air for radio and TV stations. Cost is reduced, quality is better, and now we have flexibility as never before to route callers to the right talk shows, no matter which studio we're using. 

Kirk Harnack describes the tech, concepts, and options of the Telos VX multi-studio talkshow system. This is a must-watch for radio and TV engineers who are planning a multi-studio talkshow system!

RVR Elettronica product lineup

RVR product line presentation 

Getting stared with Allen & Heath Qu Series

This video will give you an overview of the Qu layout and operation.

ENCO DAD product walk through

Production, playlist creation and on-air walk through video

Linear Acoustic MT2000 Multichannel Bitstream Analyzer

Linear Acoustic introduces the MT2000 Multichannel Bitstream Analyzer.

DEVA Broadcast