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Stirlitz Media Logger (SML) was already the best and most user-friendly broadcast & IP compliance Logger solution for TV, OTT, radio and media monitoring. With version 7 SML became even better.

SML is ideal for capturing single or multiple SD, HD or UHD video channels, and analog or digital audio channels, off virtually any source. Native capture of MPEG-TS H.264 & H.265, SPTS/MPTS over UDP/RTP, HLS, RTSP and Web Streaming. Native capture of audio over IP including AES67 up to 24bit uncompressed. Other sources like DVB, ISDB, ATSC, ASI, HDMI, HD/SD SDI, CVBS, analog audio and AES3 are captured through receivers, encoders or cards.

NEW in SML 7.0

  • updated webPlayer, including a new video playback engine, multi-video improvements and additional controls
  • new export options for video and audio
  • new metadata GUI and sources
  • new API and integration options
  • support for external controllers in the webPlayer, including pedals
  • performance and compatibility updates

available soon in SML

  • NDI and SRT capture
  • new OTT capture options
  • new alarms

See here for all main SML features.

Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer is a modern software solution to display any number of channels in a mosaic on one or multiple screens (both physical and virtual). It supports any MPEG-TS source up to 4K/UHD as well as OTT, NDI and SDI/HDMI sources including metadata such as closed captions and SCTE35. SDI and HDMI sources are captured through a card or encoders. The software offers extended alarms & statistics and optionally provides advanced monitoring of MPEG-TS and HLS structure and delivery. Large and decentralized installations are managed from a single screen with Enterprise option.

NEW in IPMV 3.7

  • audio playback with web control, including optional advanced mixing engine
  • new HLS capture including advanced alarms, compatibility updates for OTT sources (HLS, DASH, RTMP, RTSP)
  • new SDI/HDMI capture, up to 24 inputs per machine
  • NDI sources support
  • Monitor application integrating alarms from multiple IPMV systems on a single screen, with visual and audible alarms
  • new Alarms, including subtitles and SCTE35 updates, PID traffic, updated video freeze detection

Available soon in IPMV

  • support for SRT sources and SRT output
  • NDI output
  • monitoring of audio-only sources

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